Feta Studded Lamb Gyro at Home

| 10/10/2014 10:22:00 AM

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One of my all-time favorite foods is lamb gyro. Yes, I know, it’s basically fast food. This knowledge did not stop me from serving it at my wedding.

Maybe it’s the memories of street-cart gyros in Greece—by far the best deal in Athens at just over one Euro for a soft, plump pita stuffed to the brim with meaty deliciousness and a cold Mythos lager to wash it all down—or maybe it’s just that the idea of heavily spiced strips of meat, speared, compacted, and roasted on a spit before being shaved onto plate or pita awakens a carnal hunger within me. Either way, I’m licking my lips.

I’d always wanted to recreate the gyro experience in my kitchen, but with two small kiddos and a fairly restricted budget, a giant, fire-dwelling spit is not something my home can currently accommodate.

Not to be completely defeated, I developed this home-kitchen-friendly “Gyro” recipe that fills the void and then some.

I love the flecks of tangy feta running throughout each slice, but if you would prefer a more classic look and taste, feel free to save the feta for a side salad or pita stuffer.

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