Lacto-Fermented Green Cherry Tomato Pickles

| 8/10/2016 12:42:00 PM

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Lactofermented Green Cherry Tomato Pickles

Even the smallest garden — as in a few pots on a sunny windowsill — has a cherry tomato plant. They don’t ask for much and they give a lot. These bite-sized sweet tomatoes are the first to ripen and are therefore very exciting in late June or July when we are anticipating the fresh sweet homegrown tomato flavor. It’s soon over: one day in August the first slicer comes on and well, the cheery cherries start to loose their magic mostly because you just can’t keep up with them.

Don’t get me wrong — they are still tasty and easy and wonderful to pop in your mouth as you pass by the prolific plant, but they just keep coming. They are also a challenge to preserve in sauce or salsa since they are so small. I hate to waste good food, even tiny tomatoes, but when the big beefy slicers and paste tomatoes are on I ignore the little ones. Last year I came up with a strategy — get ‘em while they are green.

These become a fun little side to serve later in the year, when the fresh tomatoes are once again part of our summer dreams.

The trick with these tomato pickles is to not pick the smallest, hard, dense ones. Choose the fruits on the vine that are close to full size and while still green, are not white-green but verdant and headed toward ripening.

Green Cherry Tomato Pickles

Prep time: 5 minutes

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