Favorite Recipes from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Ecovillage Restaurant

Smoothies, vegetable barley soup, cheese and herb salad dressing, chick-pea spread, honey carob cake, and minty cream cheese frosting.

| July/August 1984

Up until last summer, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Ecovillage wasn't equipped with a facility suitable for food preparation. In seasons past, we hired outside caterers to provide our visitors with quality meals and snacks. Some of these services worked out well. Others did not. Seeking a more reliable and permanent solution (one in keeping with the MOTHER EARTH NEWS philosophy) to our culinary quandary we decided that if you want to do something right, you just have to do it yourself. The outcome: Last year the MOTHER EARTH NEWS restaurant opened at the Ecovillage ... to rave reviews, we're pleased to say from visitors and staff alike.

We cooks at the eatery not only provided folks with delicious vegetarian (and semi veterinarian) dishes but also taught show-how's on natural food related topics. We frequently became pupils, too, benefiting from the vast pool of experiences and suggestions so generously shared by our guests. The exchange of recipes and ideas between staff and visitors—not to mention the resulting tasty dishes—enriched us all.

For instance, two of the young visitors who left us with some very fond memories were Ben Stuki and Casey Fenyo. Ben, who hails from Mauk, Georgia, was a bright and competent kitchen helper. Casey was quite good at prepping vegetables (it's amazing how hard someone will work in exchange for a few carob brownies), but could disappear without a trace at the mention of dishwashing.

For those readers who didn't get a chance to visit us this past year (or for those of you who did stop by but forgot to write down the formulas for your favorite dishes), here are a few of our favorite recipes. Of course, we hope you'll come see us in person this season at the Ecovillage Restaurant and sample our delicacies firsthand. In the meantime, perhaps this popularly acclaimed menu will tide you over. Here's to good eating!


1 cup of fruit juice (apple, orange, papaya, or whatever you prefer)
6 ice cubes
1 banana (or a peach, a nectarine, or a handful of strawberries)
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of vanilla  

Blend the juice and ice in a blender until the cubes are liquefied. After adding the fruit, vanilla, and honey, continue processing until the mixture is smooth. This should yield approximately 2 cups of sweet, delicious fruit shake. (This recipe is from Eco-Chef Linda Doyle, who also contributed the favorite bread in The Benefits of Whole Grain Food.)

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