Ideas and Recipes for those Extra Vegetables

Every homesteader has ideas or what to do with extra vegetables left over after from the harvest. Our Facebook fans shared some of their favorite recipes and ideas.

| March 21, 2014

Extra Vegetables

What can you do with all those extra vegetables? Zucchinis, summer squash, rhubarbs, and more all have a variety of delicious uses. Just listen to our Facebook fans!

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Many of us at MOTHER EARTH NEWS find ourselves with an oversupply of zucchini during the summer months, and we've taken to grating it and adding it to cake batters for some extra moisture. We can’t be the only ones to come up with novel solutions to this issue, so we posed this question to our Facebook fans: What's the one crop in your garden you always have way too much of, and — besides preserving it or sharing it with neighbors — how do you put it to good use? What do you do with those extra vegetables? As always, our Facebook fans shared their excess-harvest solutions and special recipes here. Enjoy the fruits of their wisdom, and be sure to check out our 20 Ways to Use Your Zukes.

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Andra Leimanis Tomatoes, but I LOVE that. I wash them, "hull" them, and put them in plastic bags to freeze for winter stews or soups.

Jessica Dally Dandelions, and I let the bees use them for pollen.

Robin Hackler Back in the day it was corn! But it worked out great cause we fed it to the pigs!

Robin Hoffman I would love a surplus of zucchini! We have such trouble with squash bugs. I always have extra cukes — I do crock pickles with them.

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