Einkorn: Recipes for Nature's Original Wheat

| 7/8/2017 3:52:00 PM

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Einkorn Wheat With Bread Loaf

Photo by borosara

Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat written by Carla Bartolucci is just as much of an interesting read as it is a wonderful guide for cooking and baking with einkorn. To turn its pages inspires you to spend days in the kitchen losing yourself in enjoyment creating the foods that you’ve read about and crossing your fingers that they look like the mouth-watering photos taken by Clay McLachlan.

As Carla explains in the book, “the content of gluten in einkorn is actually similar or even higher than the levels of gluten in modern wheat” but because “neither of the two gluten forming proteins behaves as it does in conventional wheat, the gluten in einkorn can be tolerated by many people with sensitivity to wheat.” This book isn’t just good news for the gluten sensitive. I have found einkorn to be deliciously satisfying and a far cry from the flavor sacrifice often associated with “healthier choices.”

Einkorn also “contains 200 percent more lutein than modern wheat, the same antioxidant that gives egg yolks their yellow color. When compared to durum wheat, einkorn has 50 percent or more manganese, riboflavin, and zinc and 20 percent or more magnesium, thiamin, niacin, iron and vitamin B6, all essential nutrients.”

The first 21 pages of the book, both interesting and concise, explain everything you would want to know about einkorn: tips for working with einkorn and genuinely helpful techniques that may seem counterintuitive to the seasoned baker, but prove – in practice – to work very well. Many of the recipes include variations to bake with either sourdough or yeast and I utilized both with great success. Unlike so many cookbooks that feature exotic ingredients and impossible ambitions, Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat is both beautifully illustrated and comprehensive with no detail overlooked.

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