Eating Healthy on the Road

If you're planning to travel for awhile and can't stomach the thought of what prepared foods will do to your body, this article has good tips for eating healthy on the road.

| July/August 1973

You're on your way from here to there—or perhaps living on the road for a stretch, so that "home" is here, wherever you are—or camping for fun or from need or for a chance to sort things out . . . or you're cruising an area in depth, looking for a homestead.

You have the nomad's life pretty well worked out . . . except, that is, for a lingering uncertainty about the food. It isn't just that you want to avoid the greasy spoon cafes along the route. (You can get hepatitis in other ways too, after all.) No, it's more than that. You'd like to be able to gypsy around without depending so much on canned, prepackaged or "plasticated" store groceries. You wish you could have more Real Food while on the road. How can you swing it?

Well, friends, this isn't exactly the final answer sheet for Eating Healthy on the Road. . . because we're still feeling our way along that path, too. But we are discovering a few tricks that work, and here's what we've come up with so far.

Foods We  Take

First, a peek into our supply box, which contains the things we assemble and pack before leaving . . . since they must be either specially prepared or bought at certain places:

[1] Herb teas, both dried at home and bought through the mail. They're light, take up minimum space (they'll squoosh into almost any corner) and the children can enjoy these drinks too.

[2] Honey, one jar to start with. We can buy this just about anywhere.

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