Soup in a Pumpkin!

| 9/4/2012 12:11:00 PM

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Soup In A Pumpkin!Individual servings of soup in whole, small pumpkins have a high ratio of impressiveness-to-ease. Look for single-serving-sized pumpkins or squash, then let your imagination guide you in creating the shell’s contents. A base of sautéed onions, shallots, leeks and/or garlic will complement a wide variety of soup combinations. If using dense vegetables, such as potatoes or carrots, precook them by boiling, steaming or sautéing until barely tender.

Creative Combos  

For soup in a pumpkin, aim for roughly equal parts liquid (such as stock, milk, cheese or béchamel sauce) to solids (such as vegetables or bread). Grabben Gullen Pie, a favorite recipe of English settlers, was made by scooping out a pumpkin and filling it with opossum meat, then baking it whole in hot coals. Here are some other (perhaps more palatable) combinations to try:

• Mushroom stock with sliced mushrooms, minced sage and fontina cheese

• Vegetable stock with goat cheese, cashews, lemon and thyme

• Chicken stock with peeled, roasted chestnuts and cubed potatoes

Margo Beilby
11/10/2012 12:32:51 AM

Sorry Mother but Grabben Gullen pie is named for Grabben Gullen in New South Wales, Australia (north of Canberra, west of Woolongong) and was stuffed with wombat, koala or possum (not opossum) meat. Pumpkins, particularly the blue skinned Queensland Blue, Triamble and Jarrahdale (a small town near where I live in Western Australia) or the black skinned Ironbark were very popular in Australia in the early days of white settlement as they revel in the hot outback as long as they have sufficient water and they keep well without refrigeration as long as the skin isn't cut. I remember pyramids of pumpkins outside market gardens. My older relatives could not imagine a Sunday roast without some nice roast pumpkin. Margo Beilby, Roleystone, Western Australia

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