Easy Onion, Mushroom and Pepper Calzone Recipe

| 6/2/2014 2:48:00 PM

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Slice n Sauce

Making a calzone is not much different or difficult than making a pizza. The exact same ingredients are used; they are just appropriated differently. In the recipe below, the main difference between in preparing the ingredients for the calzone versus pizza is sautéing the toppings. Baking with mushrooms, peppers, and onions can be a tricky proposition because of their water content. Using these veggies as a pizza topping gives the water a chance to evaporate in the oven. As a calzone filling, the water is trapped by the closed dough and may affect the consistency and cook time of the dish. Sautéing the vegetables before placing them in the calzone lets a great deal of water cook out before it gets placed in the closed dough.

I personally enjoy making calzones because the cook has flexibility regarding the filling. There is plenty of room for experimentation with types and amounts of cheese, meat and veggie combinations, and even types of flour used in the dough.  Here is an easy recipe based on a previous post I wrote about a PIZZA DOUGH recipe. Enjoy.

Veggies from pan


mixing bowl
cutting board
cheese grater
frying pan
baking stone
slotted or wooden spoon


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