Easy Lemon Cream Pie

Mashall Efron shows you how to make lemon cream pie without lemons and without cream.

| May/June 1971

Marshall Efron demonstrates how you, too can make lemon cream pie without lemons and without cream. Here is a pie you can make with the same ingredients that the manufacturer uses and lists on the box. The same ingredients that I have right here. We'll make the crust first. Let's begin with some wheat flour. That's always good when you're making a crust. Just pour it right through the sifter and make sure that any dross or detritus is caught by the mesh of the sifter.

Now we're going to put some sugar in to make it sweet. Then a little shortening. Now, to make it stay moist and loose you want to put some water in. And a little sweetening from our friend dextrose—hospital tested, hospital approved. Now we want to mix a little sorghum flour with a little grain flour. There's some grain flour. Mix that around and put your sorghum flour in there too and just let it all go in. Make sure you're getting all the impurities out. Okay, add a little dash of salt to give it some power and strength so it can stand there proud. Here's some sodium bicarbonate. And here's its antidote, ammonium bicarbonate. They think of everything don't they?

You might have some trouble finding these, but if you ask around, you might get these ingredients from some friends of yours, if you know any druggists or chemists. And what's a pie without a little artificial flavoring and coloring? Let's put it in there so it looks appetizing. That's fine. We'll just let that set chemically and heat up by itself and go over and make the body of the pie.

We're going to start with water. Just lay that water right in the bowl. And add some corn syrup. It's thick and it's sweet, and it's just fine. Lays right in there with the water. Great. Here's some shortening. You have shortening in both sides, in the crust and in the body. More sugar just to make it sweet.

And now we get to the interesting part. Here are whey solids. Lay that right in there. Mix it around. That's dairy-fresh, dairy-approved.

Now we're going to food starch modified. What are the modifications? No one knows, but they've been modified for some years. That sits in there. Makes it thick too.

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