Preserving the Bounty: Dehydrating Cubed Potatoes

| 2/19/2016 12:03:00 PM

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Even though my husband and I are empty nesters now I know it's often much cheaper to buy that large bag of potatoes than to just pick up a few or buy a smaller bag. So when I see that large bag go on sale I grab them! I'll set a few aside for eating fresh such as making mashed potatoes (purposefully making more than we'll eat that night so I'll have enough leftover to make our favorite Potato Cakes the next night!).

But what about the rest of the potatoes in that mammoth bag? I dehydrate them!

Dehydrated Potatoes Label #TaylorMadeHomestead

Dehydrating Potatoes is EASY!

Luckily dehydrating potatoes is easy!  When you dehydrate potatoes you must first partially cook them to prevent them from turning black. You can cook your potatoes using your favorite method whether oven or microwave, but even though we are still in the cold months here in NE Texas, I'm able to use my Solar Oven to bake mine.

When the sun is low in the sky during our winter months my oven won't heat as quickly or attain temperatures as high as it will when the sun is higher during the summer months, but I still get the oven to heat to about 300 degrees pretty consistently. Here's how I used my solar oven.

Baking Potatoes in a Solar Oven

I like my potatoes with the skins left on so first I scrub the potatoes well and trim deeper crevices to remove any grit. Then I pierce the potatoes a few times and pack them as tightly as I can in a black enamel pan. Finally I place the lid on the pan and place it in the solar oven, properly aimed at the sun.

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