Making Candied Corn in a Dehydrator

| 9/8/2016 1:18:00 PM

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Corn in the garden.

Preserving garden surplus and low-priced local foods is serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't do a little experimenting once in a while.

Knowing that tart fruits are sometimes poached in a sugar syrup before dehydrating, I wondered what would happen if I poached sweet corn kernels in a sweet syrup before dehydrating. Would I make corn candy?

The answer is yes! Is it a practical solution to storing an abundance of corn? That answer depends on how much candy you want to have around.candied corn in bowl

I live in the Northeast, where fall humidity tends to high and the sun tends to be unreliable, so dehydration isn't my first choice for preserving food. However, I find the dehydrator indispensable for dehydrating wild mushrooms when they come my way and making vegetable chip snacks. It isn't a far leap from savory kale chips to sweet corn candy.

I have a small-capacity Excalibur dehydrator with four 11-inch drying racks. In general, the racks of electric dehydrators range from 11 inches square to 14 inches square to 17-inches-by-14-inches. The more racks, the larger the racks, the more efficiently your dehydrator can be used for preserving.

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