Drunken Cherries Recipe

| 6/18/2017 10:46:00 PM

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Home Preserving Drunken Cherries

Cherries are my favorite fruit, so when the season begins, I bring in many pounds of them to make this delicious French-style preserve and to put up in several other methods.  (Please see last summer’s post about pitting cherries, making cherry-pit cordial, and more recipes to make the most of cherry season. And also a recipe for glaceed cherries.)

I put up these cherries at the beginning of the season to let them rest and soak for months. Come the holiday season, I’ll transfer them to small jars for gift giving and festive desserts.  They’re wonderful over a plain custard, compatible ice creams, plain cakes, creamy cheeses or just spooned into a small dish for a light dessert. You won’t process these cherries. They’ll keep just fine for months covered with alcohol in a big jar.

I use a half-gallon jar to make enough for my needs — you can make any size you need, simply multiplying the recipe. I double this recipe. Buy or pick plenty of cherries, because we know some will end up in your mouth as you’re pitting.

For the liquor, I use equal parts vodka and brandy, with a measure of the Cherry Pit Cordial I made last summer. Different cultures use different liquors to their taste — in France, marc is favored, Italians might use grappa and so on. One year, I made this with bourbon and it was very good, but I don’t think Scotch would work.

If you didn’t make Cherry Pit Cordial last year, do make it this year with the pits from all the cherries you’ll use. It is absolutely delicious, something like Amaretto and also works very well substituted for Kirsh in cheese fondue.  Go here to learn how.

7/7/2017 11:50:25 AM

Where can I find a recipe for the Cherry Pit Cordial? Thanks!

7/7/2017 11:47:56 AM

Never mind. Found it.

7/7/2017 11:47:55 AM

Where can I find a recipe for the Cherry Pit Cordial? Thanks!

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