Dismantling Food Regimes

| 3/1/2016 10:14:00 AM

Tags: food policy, food justice, documentaries, films, local food, food systems, Eugene Cooke, Georgia,

We are preparing for spring in North America: starting seeds in greenhouses, planting fruit trees and making the most of financial resources. The current food system is controlled by what Eric Holt Gimenez of Food First calls food regimes.

These food regimes have been operating through colonization for many generations. They continue to reinvent themselves as corporations compete for control of the market and farm workers demand respect and value for their labor. This system feeds the fast food industry, food service corporations and supermarkets. Supermarkets have profits that surpassed Apple, Inc., and Monsanto.

We all eat. Most of us eat many times a day. When we shop from supermarkets we are the final consumer link in a  multi-billion-dollar supply chain. This chain exist because corporations decided to disconnect urban eaters from their food source: the land. Once the large corporate farms were established hundreds of miles away from the developing cities, it allowed for abuse of the workers and created a need for a massive system of distribution and processing. In this industrial model, obscene amounts of fuel, plastic and time are wasted and, at each stop along the way, people are paid who never touch the soil or the plants.

These middle men are assumed to be necessary in this modern food chain. They create inflated positions and salaries for themselves while the farm worker who plants and harvests the food is living below the poverty line, on average earning only $13,000 to $15,000 annually. The film Food Chains offers an in depth exploration of these issues.

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