Dandelion Wine Recipe

Lynn and Jim Spaulding share their simple homemade dandelion wine recipe.

| September/October 1970

The article called Wild Edible Plants that ran recently in MOTHER EARTH NEWS said that after dandelions flower you should leave the plant and go on to other foraged fare. But a nice lady gave us a recipe for dandelion wine that's supposed to have health giving properties. We made it and it's great. Here's the formula for one gallon:

Dandelion Wine Recipe

Early in the morning when the dew is on the flowers, pick one gallon of perfect, open dandelion blossoms.

Put the flowers in a two gallon or larger open crock and pour boiling water over them. Cover the crock with cheesecloth and let it sit at room temperature for three days. Then squeeze all the juice outta the flowers, throw them away and save the liquid.

Put the liquid into a big pot and add:

3 lbs. sugar (we used brown raw sugar for healthiness but next time we'll try honey for healthierness. The nice lady used white (ugh) sugar.)
3 or 4 lemons, juice, skin, seeds, etc., all chopped up.
3 or 4 oranges, chopped

Boil mixture for 30 minutes with top on pot, cool to lukewarm, pour into crock and add 1 1/2 or 2 packages or tablespoons of yeast. Cover with cheesecloth and let brew sit for two or three weeks 'til the bubbling stops and — whammy!

5/6/2016 11:51:56 AM

i wished everyone would just get along eh?

4/14/2015 4:18:01 PM

do not send me nasty a email because you don't know how to make wine all you are making is nasty mold covered crap

4/14/2015 3:45:41 PM

What's up w/ all the bitchy criticisms? If you don't like this recipe, move on and leave it to those who do. Jimbrewjr, who would take advice from a snot like you? Learn how to spell. Mother Earth, I've been reading you since the 70's - Thanks for everything. I am currently simmering dandelion juice on the stove-top and I can't wait to taste this wine :)

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