How to Cut and Cure Pork

A detailed guide to cutting and curing pork for the best hams, chops and roasts.

| November/December 1972

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OK, homesteaders . . . here's another installment of Morton Salt's superior booklet, A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOME MEAT CURING.  How to Butcher a Pig told you how to butcher, halve and chill a hog. This section takes you most of the way through curing the pork that results. 

Again, our special thanks to Murray J. Pearthree, Morton Salt Regional Sales Manager, for granting us written permission to reprint from the booklet.

It pays to do a neat job of butchering and trimming

The black guide lines in the picture show where the different cuts should be made for cutting up the carcass. Well trimmed meat cures out better and with less waste. The principal cuts are ham, loin, bacon, shoulder. and jowl. All of the other pieces can be classified as trimmings.

There is both pride and pleasure in unwrapping a neatly trimmed ham, shoulder, or bacon side months after the meat is cured. By doing a neat job of trimming all of the small extra pieces can be used to greater advantage for sausage, head cheese, scrapple, etc. than if they were left on the larger cuts where they would dry up in the cure and be of little value.

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