Cuban-Style Sofrito Recipe

| 9/8/2015 1:25:00 AM

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Cuban Style Sofrito Recipe

I got the idea for this Cuban-Style Sofrito from Rachel Ray. She says her version does everything but make the beds (a potentially off-color remark). I made some changes for my version: Where Rachel adds tomato and red bells, I think that combination makes the mix turn brown, so I keep it all green and make it with Hatch peppers.

Because cilantro and peppers aren’t in season at the same time, I have to buy the cilantro — but in this instance, it’s worth it! This is one mix that is better with raw garlic, the fresher the better.

Not to be confused with Italian sofrito, which is a mix of sautéed vegetables used as a sauce base, this Cuban version is a pungent mix of raw herbs and vegetables. Cuban sofrito is used to add freshness, herbal notes and zing to many Cuban dishes.

Do try this in fresh shell beans and other bean soups and stews — so delicious! My daughter eats it piled on a plate with a slab of fresh mozzarella.

Cuban Sofrito Recipe Ingredients 

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