Cooking when Living Off Grid

| 11/28/2016 3:45:00 PM

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One of the first things we figure out when in a survival situation is how to make a fire, as there is something at the core of our being that understands the satisfaction of having a cooking, a heating, a bug chaser, and a soul-warming source.

As I was growing up, we had many ways of producing this fire, and it has always amazed me the huge, full meals my mother has made on a tiny campfire or on a wood stove. Over time, I have developed the skills to do it myself but for some people, like my mother, the patience and skill comes naturally. I remember once camping in the desert near Yuma Arizona where my mom got a few twigs of sage brush and made a satisfying, filling meal for six of us over an absolutely tiny fire.

Mom’s fires always tended to be very small, efficient but effective. Mostly she cooked things that people nowadays would use a slow cooker for. Even later in life, our family’s summer kitchen (not wanting to heat up the house) had a stone circle campfire to cook up the big pots and a BBQ grill.

Experimentation in Building Solar Ovens

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