Videos from The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Team’s Cider Pressing Adventure

| 11/17/2010 3:51:45 PM

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Recently, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS team along with other Ogden Publications employees had the exciting opportunity to give cider pressing a try. Herrick Kimball from Whizbang Cider graciously donated the press, and our team had a great time making and drinking delicious apple (with a few pears thrown in) cider.

The first step in our cider-pressing adventure was grinding the apples and pears into a pulp. The grinder for our cider press was made from a repurposed garbage disposal. Check out the team in action in the next two videos.



After the apples and pears were ground to a pulp, it was time for pressing. Traditional cider presses use a wheel or other cranking mechanism to move the press, but the one we used employed a car jack instead!


8/29/2014 4:46:36 AM

This looked like a successful venture and has given me some motivation to go full steam ahead with my cider production! I was thoroughly impressed with the garbage-disposal turned apple grinder. It really turned those apples to a pulp. That is presumably part of the cider press plans in the WhizbangCider manual. I have a ready built press that I purchased from which does include a grinder but it works a little different than that. I actually considered building my own so it's interesting to see that in action. Anyway, the final verdict from the girls seemed to be positive so hopefully I can create something equally as yummy.

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