Cherry Mostarda Recipe

| 6/18/2015 10:10:00 AM

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Cherry Mostarda 

It’s sweet cherry season, which means the first trip of the year to the local fruit farm – ‘cause I like to buy in bulk. Sweet cherries are one of my favorite snacks, and every year I hunt for new ways to keep them for the long winter. Usually I freeze several gallons of purple Bings and yellow Raniers. Sometimes I make cherry almond butter or cherry preserves. Some are dried for snacks and I also make Candied Cherries to use in fruitcake. But this year I decided to make mostarda.

What Is Mostarda?

Mostarda, also known as mostarda di frutta, is a fruit-mustard concoction from Italy’s Piedmont region. It is basically a relish-like combination of fruit and mustard. In my research though, I came across all kinds of mostarda recipes.

Some recipes used whole fresh fruits in a clear syrup. Some recipes called for dried fruits and were similar to chutney. Some recipes took days to complete while others were made in a matter of minutes. The recipes called for dried mustard or prepared mustard or mustard seeds or sometimes all three.

This recipe is based on the very easy-to-prepare recipe found in Paul Virant’s book The Preservation Kitchen. The Preservation Kitchen is one of my favorite preserving books, and one I pull from the shelf when looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Cherry Mostarda Recipe

Although many mostarda recipes call for whole fruit, I halved the cherries here for a more relish-like texture. Also, you can use all red wine or all red wine vinegar, or half and half as I do here. Use a good quality red wine vinegar to give the cherries a more full-bodied flavor, or follow these directions to make your own Red Wine Vinegar.

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