CEO and Founder of Uncle Matt’s Organic Elected as President of the Organic Trade Association

| 10/7/2011 12:25:54 PM

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Uncle MattMatt McLean, CEO and Founder of Uncle Matt’s Organic, has been elected as president of the Organic Trade Association (OTA).  McLean has served for the past six years on the board of the Organic Trade Association and was recently re-elected to the board by the members of the OTA for a final three-year term.  After re-election, McLean was voted by the board to serve a one-year term as president.

“I am extremely humbled and honored to be elected president of our board,” says McLean.  “The Organic Trade Association is vital to the success of the organic industry and I’m thrilled to serve alongside such a talented and well-respected group of industry leaders.  I believe we can make a long lasting difference for future generations.”

As president, McLean will help set the agenda for the upcoming year and promote the mission of the OTA alongside 14 other board members.  The OTA is a leader in advocating and protecting organic standards, promoting crop and land usage transition to organic agriculture, and acting as a industry liaison to the public.

McLean founded Uncle Matt’s Organic in 1999 and today, the Clermont Florida-based company is the the largest grower of organic citrus in the state of Florida. The company specializing in fresh organic citrus fruit and not-from-concentrate juices. In recent years, the company’s offerings have expanded to include fresh organic blueberries and avocados, as well as new not-from-concentrate organic lemonade and apple juice.  This past Spring, Uncle Matt’s was one of the first companies to join Rodale Institute’s “Your 2 Cents” initiative which is dedicated to funding new organic farmers and research.

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