Centro Ashe Announces Group Trips To Costa Rica

| 6/15/2012 8:23:08 AM

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Centro Ashé is rooted in promoting and protecting food sovereignty, local food and medicine and traditional knowledge, as well as social, ecological, and economic justice. They seek to build an engaged community through organizing popular educational activities focusing on culture and arts, health, sustainability, and justice. Centro Ashé is home to a small farm about 20 miles south of Washington DC where they grow sustainable heirlooms seeds, medicinal plants, and host workshops such as a land based community herbalism program.

Each year Centro Ashé facilitates trips in Costa Rica. The Roots and Culture Tour is an incredible opportunity for all those interested in working towards a more sustainable and just food system to dive into the local food system in the small and amazing Talamanca Region of Costa Rica. This tour will brings participants in direct contact with Talamancan producers and naturalists, and will provides practical insight into the local food system in this area known for its autonomy, incredible biodiversity, and unique mix of Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean cultures. Participants see how large scale plantation agriculture, development, and tourism have threatened food sovereignty and local economies in this area, and how local people are working together to face the challenges of protecting their land, their culture and to create a more sustainable Talamanca. The Grassroots Traditional and Herbal Wellness as well as the Caribe Sol Retreat both provide participants with opportunities to learn about traditional herbal medicine, holistic health, yoga, and more all on the coastal regions of Talamanca.

Ashé is a word and a concept that comes out of several traditional cultures and means the Spirit behind movement, a catalyzing and creative energy, some have called it pure energy in motion. Through our programs we focus on holding space for this energy of creation to be explored and amplified. Ashé!

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