How to Make and Can Jostaberry Jam

| 7/28/2015 4:16:00 PM

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Jostaberries are a cross between black currants and two different species of gooseberry, resulting in a delicious firm black fruit on upright plants without thorns. While they can take a long time to pick, the unusually productive bushes produce fruit that's well worth the effort.

They're one of the few fruiting plants that does well in shady wet zones, and every year I harvest nearly 10 pounds of fruit off a bush growing on swampy soil under near full shade cover.

They taste more like gooseberries when unripe, and more like black currants when fully ripe, but at either stage they make fabulous, full-flavored jam without the need for added pectin.

The sugar needed will vary based on the ripeness of the fruit and your tastes but, being a sour fruit, this is not a good candidate for a sugar-free jam.

Jostaberry Jam 

7/30/2015 9:32:26 AM

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