Homemade Blueberry-Raspberry Jam

| 7/22/2015 11:33:00 AM

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My very favorite thing to can is jam. Not quick freezer jam. Not “in-a-hurry” pectin-added jam. I prefer to make old-fashioned, long cooking, no-pectin-added jam. Every year I make cases of apricot jam, plum jam, peach jam, and this family favorite, Blueberry-Raspberry Jam. Although Blueberry Jam is good, and Raspberry Jam is even better, the combination is best of all. Here I use equal amounts of both berries, but you could vary the ratio. The important thing is to keep to the overall measurements, in other words, 9 cups of berries.

This particular recipe is adapted from one found in the Ball Blue Book® where they suggest any combination of several different kinds of berries including blackberries, gooseberries or loganberries.I have used this basic recipe with strawberries and blackberries for a Wild Berry Jam concoction, and even Raspberry-Apricot Jam. You can also find more inspiration with Kevin West’s Universal Jam Recipe.

Home Canning Safety Guidelines

Before starting any canning project, it’s always a good idea to brush up on home canning safety tips. Lessons learned at Grandma’s knee might no longer be considered safe. Mother Earth News has published many canning articles that help keep us up-to-date, including the very helpful Home Canning Guide.

How to Check for Jam Gel

When making pectin-added jams the process is straight forward; follow the directions, add the pectin, let boil for a specific amount of time, and voila, the jam is set. No-pectin-added jams require a bit more magic, in the form of longer cooking, before they reach the gelling point.

Determining just where that point is can be frustrating. It took me years to figure out when the jam had set. It must be a common experience, because the number one search term that sends people to my website is how to fix overcooked jam.

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