Bread-Baking Equipment and Ingredient Tips for Beginning Bakers

| 10/5/2016 9:29:00 AM

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With the necessary basic equipment and best-quality ingredients on hand, you are ready to begin baking beautiful breads of all kinds — from the basic sandwich breads to delicious pastry treats. You can explore a whole world of different breads, all with flavor far superior to any you can find in groceries and at a cost of pennies on the dollar.

Bread-Baking Equipment

Mixer. You’ll want a stand mixer with a dough hook, the most popular is the basic Kitchen Aid mixer. If you don’t have one yet, do put it on your wish list and start saving your pennies. It will pay for itself in a couple years with what you save on bread.

Loaf pans and baking sheets are must-haves, but there’s no need to make a substantial investment. I bought six loaf pans about 15 years ago at the dollar store and have been completely satisfied. I don’t wash them, so they’re now beautifully seasoned. I just sprinkle in a tiny bit of flour before putting in my dough. As you gain experience and ambition, you’ll probably add some specialty pans.

Kneading board. I was given a beautiful wood board many years ago and love it, but a large acrylic cutting board works just fine — actually better if you’re using oil to stretch and fold dough. The acrylic board also goes in the dishwasher.

Cooling racks. My most used is 16-inches-by-24-inches. It holds six loaves or two sheets of cookies and slides in with my trays so it takes up minimal space.

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