Alternative Health When Living Off-Grid, Really!?

| 4/8/2016 10:41:00 AM

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When was the last time you thought of the food you ate as medicine to feed both your body but also your well being? I think we as Americans overeat both to fill the void of sadness in us but also due to “food” lacking full nutrition. We are overweight because we are malnourished.

Growing up, my mother believed that we shouldn’t eat any white food due to lack of nutrition, so we didn’t eat white flour, white sugar, cauliflower, and we even tried to stay away from the white pasta, instead opting to eat whole-grain pasta.

Our diets are high in whole grains, including oats and legumes such as black beans, while eating lots of greens. The nice thing about Tennessee and Alabama where I mostly grew up is that greens grow throughout the winter. In Illinois where I reside now, greens grow outside and lots of local farmers are getting hoop-house greenhouses to grow all winter more easily.

our bus greenhouse

Although I grew up predominately vegetarian, a big part of that reasoning was that we did not have refrigeration for storage, and meat is very expensive compared to other proteins.

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