Traditional Indian Acorn Mush

A name like "acorn mush" might not sound that compelling, but for Indians it was practically the staff of life.

| September/October 1984

acorn mush - illustration of mush in cereal bowl

This depiction of acorn mush is somewhat stylized, but the recipe is more or less authentic.

Illustration by Fotolia/cirodelia

Although they grew corn, acorns were once the real mainstay of Native American diets — at least for those living in the forested eastern third of the continent. And this acorn mush recipe was one of the main ways they prepared their nuts.

Traditional Indian Acorn Mush

1 cup of acorn meal
3 cups of water
a pinch of clean ash (optional)

Mix the ingredients and simmer the mush for about half an hour in a double boiler. Or, to be truly authentic, cook it by dropping hot stones from the fire into the batter, then peel the "acorn chips" from the rocks.

For more acorn recipes see Acorn Nuts: The Grain that Grows on Trees.

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