A Passion For Blueberries

| 10/4/2010 11:37:47 AM

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There’s something enticing about being around enthusiastic, passionate people. It’s contagious. While I love horse manure, I have no desire to get on and ride a horse, but spend a few minutes with my neighbor Alyce in the barn saddling up for a ride and I’m tempted to strap on my chaps, grab the reins and ride into the sunset. So far I have resisted.

The first time I met Bill Kemp, I was getting some NiCad batteries from him when he was upgrading to some newer lead acid ones. I was having problems maintaining the charge on my NiCad’s and asked if he had any suggestions. This was my first exposure to someone who really “gets” the whole off-grid renewable energy thing. He drew a chart and showed me how I just wasn’t charging long enough to get the batteries up the curve so they would maintain their charge longer. Who would have ever thought that anyone could be so juiced about batteries?! Michelle and I were just about to start editing a renewable energy magazine and I knew I had to get Bill to contribute. He was so pumped about his first article that I convinced him to write “The Renewable Energy Handbook.” Ever since publishing his first book we’ve had people contact us and come up to us at shows and tell us that Bill’s enthusiasm jumps off the page. And they like it.

It’s one of the things I talk about in “Thriving During Challenging Times” as an antidote to dealing with some of the darker forecasts of the future that involve peak oil and climate change. One of the keys to happiness is to surround yourself with positive happy people, and I’ve certainly found it works.

My friend John Wilson has boundless enthusiasm for blueberries. I know what you’re thinking … spend too much time in the woods and you start losing it. In fact John has a you-pick blueberry farm and he grows amazing blueberries, and he is really stoked about them! Think of the people who wear cheese hats to Green Bay Packers games and paint themselves green — John is so enthusiastic about blueberries that I can see him wearing a blueberry hat and painting his face blue. I’m going to suggest that John do that in the next local parade.



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