16 Ways to Health Hack This Year's Thanksgiving Dinner

| 11/5/2014 9:56:00 AM

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Thanksgiving is traditionally a time where loved ones gather together and enjoy heaping plates of food. Many of the dishes on the menu may be laden with calories and cooked in ways that aren’t very healthy. However, it’s easy to make changes so this year’s meal is healthier, but still delicious. Below are some effective and quick ideas for holiday meal preparations.

1. Swap White Flour with Whole Wheat Flour

If your Thanksgiving meal will include breads or other choices that have flour as a main ingredient, use whole wheat flour instead of the white flour. Whole wheat flour helps digestion and, over time, can also cut a person’s risk of heart disease and diabetes. For every cup of white flour required by a recipe, substitute 7/8 cup of the whole wheat version.

2. Use Marshmallow Fluff Instead of Frosting

Planning to bake some Thanksgiving-themed cookies for the dessert table? Before you pile frosting on the freshly-baked goods, think about using marshmallow fluff instead. Unlike frosting, it’s fat free, which might make you feel less guilty about digging into the turkey eagerly before it’s time for dessert.

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