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Inside the February/March 2009 issue of
Mother Earth News, on newsstands Jan. 27


Money-saving, do-it-yourself tips, surprising farming trends,
cancer-fighting strategies and more

Cut Your Food Bills in Half
  With rising food costs, Mother Earth News outlines tips and strategies to help you enjoy better and healthier food, while spending less to feed your family. Page 42

Why Free-range Eggs are Healthier  Vitamin D deficiency is common and may be linked to severe, wide-ranging health problems. Mother Earth News’ nutrient test finds pastured eggs contain three to six times more vitamin D than factory-farm eggs. Page 23

How Factory Farm Conditions are Making Us Sick  Find out why factory farms that produce the meat Americans eat are breeding grounds for disease and what you can and cannot do to minimize your chances of becoming sick. Page 76

11 Healthy Choices to Keep Cancer at Bay  Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the U.S., yet environmental factors not genetic ones cause most cases. These 11 strategies will help lower your risk. Page 56

Choose the Right Emergency Power Source  Don’t get caught without a backup energy option if bad weather, natural disasters or grid failures strike. Expert advice on these eight options will help you make the right choice. Page 24

Control Climate Change Starting with Your Soil  Helping control climate change can start in your own backyard. New knowledge about biochar, an ancient gardening technique, can increase your soil’s fertility and help slow climate change by trapping carbon in the soil. Page 92

and more …

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