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In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and friends our guests and I will share our expertise to discuss Succession Gardening; when to plant, and what for extended seasons and a year-round harvest!

Charlotte at the Fair

Podcast creator and producer Charlotte Brunin is passionate about creating new ways to share the experience of MOTHER EARTH NEWS with the publication's "friends." When she is not at her desk or enjoying one of the many Fairs, you can find her working on her own homestead to develop a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin, Managing editor of MOTHER EARTH NEWS is an expert in all things green and sustainable but particularly loves gardening, food-preservations, and green transportation, particularly cycling.











Pam Dawling

Pam Dawling is a contributing editor with “Growing for Market” magazine. Her book, “Sustainable Market Farming”, is on sale at this event. An avid vegetable grower for almost 40 years, she has lived at Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia for more than 20 years, growing vegetables and berries for 100 people on 3.5 acres, and providing training for members in sustainable vegetable production.










Petra Page-Mann

Petra Page-Mann is a lifelong seed saver, and co-owner of Fruition Seeds with Matthew Goldfarb. They are committed to developing organic seed for northern growing conditions. As seed growers, their breeding and variety improvement efforts are focused on taste and productivity for Northeast farmers and gardeners. If they're not growing seeds, they're likely hunting mushrooms, dancing, singing, or sharing a meal with someone they love.








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