Ep. 95 Raising Pheasants Podcast

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we chat with Bill MacFarlane of MacFarlane Pheasants. He shares how his family established their pheasant farm, how he joined the business, and what MacFarlane Pheasants does today. And for those raising pheasants now, or those who are considering them for their backyard or farmstead, Bill provides plenty of tips and instruction on how to keep these birds healthy, safe, and ultimately acclimated to the wild if they’re released.

Bill MacFarlane grew up with his father owning a pheasant farm. He took it over for his dad 41 years ago and has run MacFarlane Pheasants ever since. He has a degree of economics from the University of Houston, which has worked out to be a helpful degree being an entrepreneur and working in a business like MacFarlane Pheasants. Bill is married and has 5 children.

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