Ep. 20 Great Guide to Guinea Fowl

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Charlotte Brunin and editor Kellsey Trimble sat down with Cindy Gibson and Sharon Dodds from the Guinea Fowl International Association to discuss how to care for, train, and interpret their behavior.

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Kellsey Trimble, managing editor of Grit, enjoys immersing herself in the homestead lifestyle as frequently as possible. We were happy to have her on this episode as she continues to enjoy backyard poultry and is expand her expertise on self-sufficient living. 

Cindy Gibson is president of Guinea Fowl International, an organization founded to support responsible guinea-keeping and to educate on the care and habits of guinea fowl. She first acquired guineas to help combat a grasshopper infestation on her Texas ranch, and now keeps more than 100 guinea fowl (along with her chickens, ducks, and grazing animals). She helps new guinea-keepers, and frequently speaks to groups about the why-and-how to incorporate guinea-keeping into a landscape or farm. In particular, she helps dispel some of the myths and misinformation that has led some to unsuccessful attempts at guinea-keeping.

Sharon Dodds is the owner and trainer at Sandshaven, which is a working therapy farm located in Mercer, PA. She is a Certified Poultry Technician (CPT) through the PA Department of Agriculture. Dodds has been breeding, raising and training guinea fowl, for ASD therapy, since 2011 and is an active member of the Guinea Fowl International Association. She also trains coturnix quail, alpacas, dogs, cats, fish, and a rabbit for her unique therapy. Her love of animals rank second to the love for her Lord. Dodds is also an ordained Christian minister and is the current pastor of the Wooded Chapel.

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