Graft a Better World

Graft a Better World




In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends our guests and I will discuss grafting trees, what guerrilla grafting is and how trees just might save the world.

Our Podcast Guests Include

Charlotte Brunin is the producer of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends Podcast. Charlotte is currently working on creating an urban homestead to lead by example when it comes to sustainable living. She is always happy to learn more to be able to support the people I care about and their needs.


Frances Tacy was raised in Nashville, TN. Frances has spent many years learning by adventure. She has a graduate degree in Education and taught school for 6 years. She worked in Pharmaceuticals for over a decade. Her nickname was the “hippie in high heels.” Eventually, she followed her dreams to the farm. She has attended, participated in and taught at Organic Growers School for years among many other farming conventions. Frances has shared pieces of her journey on Homestead Hustle and on the MOTHER EARTH NEWS YouTube channel! Visit Franny's Farm to plan your visit!

Vanessa King is a sustainability consultant for small to medium size companies across the globe. She works diligently to encourage and facilitate the design and development of sustainable business practices within their organization.

She has served as the first Sustainability Manager for the Biltmore Company in Asheville, NC. Vanessa is a Certified Renewable Energy Manager, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Development and a Master’s of Science Degree in Sustainability Studies. She has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, bringing a unique perspective to sustainability as it relates to travel, tourism, and land/business management. Today, she likes to spend her free time traveling and working on her family farm.

Bill Whipple has been growing pears for 3 decades on his farm in West Virginia. He is hatching a plan to feed the world with perennial native nut and fruit trees. You can find him at:

Acornucopia Project

Nutty Buddy Collective

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