Learn the wonderful benefits of Ayurveda, it's principles and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle with two friends of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and experts in the Ayurveda lifestyle, Anata Ripa Ajmera and Brittany Wood Nickerson.


Our Podcast Guests Include

Charlotte at the Fair

Podcast creator and producer Charlotte Brunin is passionate about creating new ways to share the experience of MOTHER EARTH NEWS with the publication's "friends."  When she is not at her desk or enjoying one of the many Fairs, you can find her working on her own homestead to develop a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Charlotte enjoys studying traditional medicine especially those shared to us from indigenous cultures.

Amanda Sorell is an associate editor for Mother Earth News magazine who is joining us from Seattle. She is interested in creative writing, making DIY home and beauty products, and learning herbal remedies.

Ananta Ripa Ajmera, author of The Ayurveda Way, is an ayurveda practitioner and yoga instructor who studied with Acharya Shunya, an eminent traditional Vedic teacher whose lineage stems back to ancient India. She has taught ayurveda and yoga at Stanford University, Stanford Health Care, California Probation Departments, ABC News, and leading business conferences.


Brittany Wood Nickerson is the author of Recipes from the Herbalist's Kitchen. She has blended her training in herbal medicine into her personal and professional cooking for more than 10 years. She is an herbalist and the owner of Thyme Herbal, where she offers herbal apprenticeship programs, classes in herbal cooking, and private herbal consultations. Nickerson is an active guest speaker and teacher at conferences and events throughout the Northeast.

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 Recipes from the Herbalist's Kitchen

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