Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Soil pH: The Simple Guide For Gardeners

By Bryan Traficante, and Wiley Geren III GardenInMinutes

Improper soil pH can ensure your garden will be barren and stay that way. Understanding pH balance may sound complex, but we simplify for you in this quick gardeners guide.

Herbal Companion Planting

By Amy K. Fewell

Give your garden a helping hand by growing your herbs and veggies together.

Drying and Storing Your Herbs

By Amy K. Fewell

Make sure you properly dry and store your homegrown herbs to ensure they stay fresh as long as possible.

The Perfect Diet for Compost Worms

By Mary Appelhof and Joanne Olszewski

Make sure you are feeding your compost worms the right types of waste to get the best vermicompost for your garden.


Spring 2018 Gardening Must-Have Plants and Tools

Home, Garden and Homesteading

Make sure your tool shed is properly stocked for the 2018 gardening season.

Self-Seeding Perennials

Fill your beds with self-seeding perennials and let them do the work for you year after year.

Cornell National Farming Practices Survey

Cornell University

Cornell is asking farmers across the country to participate in their farm practices survey for a chance to win a 500-dollar reward.

Slow Food USA Townhall Call: Preparing Your Three Sisters Garden

By Pamela Sherman

This is the written recap of the Slow Food USA's Garden Campaign, Plant a Seed: Food for Change, Townhall Call on Preparing Your Three Sisters Garden. It took place March 15, 2018 with presenters Stephen and Cindy Scott, co-owners of Terroir Seeds/Underwood Gardens in Tucson, AZ and Clark Harshbarger, Resource Soil Scientist with the Natural Resource Conservation Service.