Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Vegetables Love Flowers

In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends we talk with Liza Ziegler about why vegetables love flowers and ideas for companion planting.

Do you have bad soil? Try Mushroom Compost!

By Carrie Miller, Miller Micro Farm

What mushroom compost is, how it's made, and what to use it for. Watch you plants produce larger, juicier, more flavorful produce.

Gardening With Row Covers

By Maureen Gilmer

Protect your plants from drought, wind, pests, and more using row covers for your garden.

Using Kelp for Drought Resistance

By Maureen Gilmer

Learn how using kelp in your garden can help your plants and soil become drought-resistant and thrive during dry seasons.


Creating Resilient No-Till Soil

Soil Health Coalition

Southeast SD Farmer discusses soil health techniques including no-till, cover crops, planting green, and livestock integration to develop higher quality soil.

Turning a Town Pesticide Free

By Philip Ackerman-Leist

Learn of a small town in Italy, who grew tired of damaged crops and compromised health and decided to fight back. From pesticide ridden apples to organic crops all around, a turnaround created a group of citizens. What started as a small fight, blossomed and created lasting changes for years to come.

Lean Farming Method: Prepare Produce for Market

By Ben Hartman

Follow the lean farming method to reduce waste and increase productivity. Get your produce ready for market or direct sales by handling the produce less. Try using the single-piece flow to create a faster and more efficient way to prepare your produce. Eliminate the unnecessary steps.

EWG 2018 Guide to Produce Pesticides

The Environmental Working Group

Use these guides to recognize the long-lasting presence of pesticides on your produce and begin taking steps towards a cleaner and pesticide-free diet.