Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Watermelon Seeds for the World!

By Barbara Pleasant

Texas-based Willhite Seeds has the perfect watermelons for any taste. Choose from a variety of watermelon seeds. These watermelons are prized all over the world — here’s how to secure your seed for 2008.

Country Lore: Reusing Tea and Coffee Grounds in Compost

By Clare Hafferman

You can reuse tea bags and coffee grounds in compost materials. Ask your favorite coffee shop to save their coffee grounds to put into your garden compost pile.

Country Lore: Nab Tomato Worms at Night

By Edgar Root

Get rid of tomato worms by finding them with a flashlight at night. While tomato hornworms hide during the day, these tomato pests are easy to find at night.

Country Lore: Defeat Cabbage Worms

By Paul Wheeler

Row covers and beneficial wasps can keep your garden free of pesky cabbage worms.


Country Lore: Sold on Our Square-foot Garden

By Monica Shomos

Intensive use of garden space with a square-foot garden can result in prolific harvests. Learn the method of square-foot gardening to enjoy low maintenance and high rewards!

Country Lore: My Favorite Gardening Tools

By John Stiles

Simple tools, such as hoes and a broadfork, are valuable gardening tools.

How to Make Instant Garden Beds

By Barbara Pleasant

You can make new, instant garden beds quickly with no-dig gardening methods and by using bags of topsoil. Read more ways to make instant garden beds.

Vermicompost: The Secret to Soil Fertility

By Barbara Pleasant

Use the free services of resident earthworms to make vermicompost, one of nature’s most potent fertilizers.