Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

CSA Charter Unites Small Farms

By Lydia Noyes

Following the example of programs around the world, farmers in the United States are now proposing a CSA charter that establishes a national definition of what it means to be a CSA.

Mildew, Rot, and Environment: 3 of the Most Common Garden Problems and How to Correct Them

By Bryan Traficante, GardenInMinutes

Avoid extremes and act quickly. Bryan and Wiley from GardenInMinutes discuss the most common gardening problems they come across, how you can spot them, and how to quickly correct them.

Organic Gardening the Easy Way, Part 1: Bean Arches

By Carole Coates

Wouldn't you like to make gardening easier? In this three-part series I share tips to do just that. Hint for part I: Grow up.

Flax to Linen Workshop

By Cindy Conner, Homeplace Earth

Learning a new skill alone can be daunting. Attending a workshop with others exposes you to more information in a shorter time and allows you to learn from an expert in the field. Learn about this Flax to Linen workshop and how it all came together.


Insectaries: Grow Flowers to Attract Beneficial Insects

By Pam Dawling

Plant small groups of selected flowers that attract beneficial insects to your vegetable garden. You can attract pollinators and insects that feed on garden pest bugs and you can use the flowers as "landmarks" for your helpers to find particular crops. Here are some pointers about suitable flowers for particular uses.

Learning the Art and Science of Scything: How to Beat a Weed Whacker

By Kiko Denzer

There's been quite a bit of buzz about sycthes and mowing lately. People may want to get outside more, burn less oil, do things by hand, and spend less money but they still need to mow lawns, make hay, and harvest what they grow. If you're one of those, you might be interested in a new book about the European tradition of using scythes.

Using a Climate Battery or GAHT System to Heat and Cool a Greenhouse Year-round

By Lindsey Schiller, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Using a Climate Battery or GAHT system to heat and cool a greenhouse renewably year-round.