Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Hardening Off Plants and Seedlings

By Rebecca Martin

Planting the seedlings you’ve raised carefully indoors is a proud moment. But be sure to acclimatize them to their new outdoor home first, or you’ll risk losing your plants and wasting all that hard work. This is a process known to gardeners as hardening off plants.

Gardening at High Elevation

By Bruce McElmurray

Growing vegetables at a high elevation can be very challenging. Over the years we have had to be flexible and creative in order to manage a small garden. We grow enough for our needs but not enough to put any vegetables up for future use. This blog post outlines some of the challenges we have faced and how we overcame them.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

By Melodie Metje

I have heard the term "biodynamic" and wondered what was involved. Some consider biodynamic gardening or farming as voodoo science and quackery — or simply a scam. Others feel it is holistic, natural way of gardening leveraging mystical forces. The description I like is defines it as organic permaculture with a spiritual twist.

Off-Grid and Free: Gardening North of the 56th Parallel (with Video)

By Ron Melchiore

A summer update from our wilderness homestead with an emphasis on how we get an early seasonal start to our gardens.


Sow Bugs are Eating My Strawberries!: Natural Pest Control for the Berry Patch

By Susan Slape-Hoysagk

They go by many names, depending on the region: sow bugs, pill bugs, potato bugs, wood lice, and roly-poly bugs. There are actually many different genus of these pests and one of them is terrorizing my garden.

'Hastings' Prolific': An Heirloom Dent Corn Variety for Gardeners, Part 1

By Fala Burnette, Wolf Branch Homestead

Hard to find and surrounded in rumor, 'Hastings’ Prolific' corn is an heirloom dent corn that you don’t see often sold. Learn more about the true development of this variety as we grow it at Wolf Branch Homestead in 2016.

Most Amazing Hoop House Piping for Season Extension

By Charlyn Ellis

Hoops bent from conduit pipe can transform your season-extension system. I have 10, enough to cover two 10-foot garden beds, and they have been transformative. Learn the technique here.

Screen Compost Now to Make Your Own Seed Compost for Spring

By Pam Dawling

Get prepared for next spring by screening compost for seedlings during the summer and keeping it unfrozen over winter. You can even use it to grow a crop of winter lettuce in your greenhouse!