Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Keeping Crops Cool During Hot Weather: 13 Ways to Beat the Heat

By Barbara Pleasant

Tips on keeping crops cool during hot weather. Hot summer sun can be hard on garden plants and their roots. If watering and mulching are not doing enough to keep your plants cool enough to continue producing, consider shading the plants or at least their roots. Late summer also is the time to plant your fall-producing crops, such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, beets and radishes.

The Garden Primer: Get This Gardening Guide

By Roger Doiron

Get this gardening guide, "The Garden Primer", and find answers to all your organic gardening questions.

Gardening With Heirloom Varieties

By William Woys Weaver

Food historian William Woys Weaver has been gardening with heirloom varieties since he was a boy. But finding his grandfather’s rare seed collection in a deep freeze may have been the critical point in determining his unique career path. Today, Weaver’s collection includes over 4,000 varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Read the fascinating story of how he revived his grandfather’s garden. Originally published as "Harvesting our Heirloom History" August/September 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Learn How to Grow Carrots

By Barbara Pleasant

Learn how to grow carrots with this helpful guide. Sweet, delicate carrots that can’t be found in supermarkets are among a home gardener’s greatest culinary rewards. By growing varieties suited to your soil, you can grow carrots in spring and fall, and the fall carrots can be left in the ground for harvesting in early winter. Includes tips on saving seeds for your next harvest, and pest and disease prevention tips. Originally published as "All About Growing Carrots" August/September 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.


Stout's No-Work Gardening Method Works

By Jane Wilson

This no-work gardening method by Ruth Stout, author of No-Work Garden Book, advises using heavy layers of mulch in the garden to smother weeds and retain moisture in the soil. Originally published as "Country Lore: Stout’s ‘No-work’ Method Works" August/September 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.    

Trench Composting: Burying Kitchen Scraps in the Garden

By Cathy Kotzé

You can enrich your garden soil for spring planting by trench composting and burying your kitchen scraps during the winter. Originally published as "Country Lore: Try Trenching Composting" August/September 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

A Haws Brass Watering Wand That Lasts a Lifetime

By Cheryl Long

High quality, long-lasting gardening tools often are hard to find. We’ve located a watering wand that any gardener will appreciate. Read more about the Haws brass watering wand and its many merits. Originally published as "A Wonderful Watering Wand" August/September 2008 MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Guide to Organic Pest Control

By Barbara Pleasant

A guide to organic pest control. These 11 organic pest control products along with other no-spray options will help to control the 26 most common garden pests. Using organic controls along with hand picking and row covers to exclude the critters can go a long way towards preventing crop destruction.