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Chemical Fungicide Attracts Honey Bees

Illinois News Bureau

New research shows that honey bees now prefer to collect syrup laced with fungicide chemicals, and the effects could be devastating.

Best Seed Catalogs

By Carole Coates

If you need suggestions for seed catalogs as you prepare for the gardening season, here's a list of some great ones.

Some Resources for Three Sisters Gardening

By Pamela Sherman

Here are some resources--books, articles, people-- for those wanting to know more about heritage corn and Three Sisters gardening.

How to Grow Chestnuts and Hazelnuts and Why You Should

By Garth Brown, Cairncrest Farm

As with all trees, planting chestnuts and hazelnuts takes a little money and a good bit of time. But once they are established, they will produce huge amounts of food for years with minimal human attention. Their growth habits and the nutritional qualities of their respective nuts make them perfect companions. In Part 1 of 2, we will look at hazelnuts.


Save with These Varieties of Bare Root Fruit Trees and Berries

By Joshua Burman Thayer, Native Sun Gardens

At the beginning of each year, nurseries around the county offer bare root fruit trees. These ber-ries and trees are still dormant until warmer weather and longer days coax them from their winter rest. You can get them for ~40% of the price they will be in the spring and an added bonus is that because they are “bare”, they are lighter and easier to transport.

Spring 2018 Featured Vegetable Seeds

Home, Garden and Homestead News

Spring is on its way, and with a few packets of these featured seeds, your garden can be too!

Growing Peppers 101: Know More and Grow Better

By Stephen Scott

We look at the basics of growing both sweet and hot peppers in your home garden and some mistakes to avoid and myths to be aware of. Armed with a little knowledge, you'll be much more successful this season!

The 2018 Organic Seed Grower’s Conference

Organic Seed Alliance

Register now for the annual Organic Seed Grower’s Conference in Corvallis, Oregon.