Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Practicing Patience Without Becoming a Patient

By Blythe Pelham

Are you ready for Spring after a Winter full of mind-numbing cabin fever? Blythe shares some of her early springtime activities that help pass the time until she can be out in her garden on a more full-time basis.

The Greens and Browns of Your Compost

By Rebecca Louie

Meet the friendly organisms that make your compost such a success, from tiny invertebrates to familiar fungi.

The Organisms in Your Compost

By Rebecca Louie

Knowing how various browns and greens behave in your compost can make all the difference in your garden.

Aftercare for Newly Planted Trees

By Daniel and Erin Prendergast

Learn new tips and techniques for tree care to ensure longevity for your new trees.


Planting Tips for a Better Potato Harvest

Benedict Vanheems 

Learn the numbers of ways you can grow potatoes, each with its own specific advantages.

The SOIL Stewardship Act of 2018

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

The Strengthening Our Investment in Land Stewardship Act has been introduced to increase funding and protections of our natural water sources for future farming generations.

Organic Seed Alliance Webinar Videos

Organic Seed Alliance

Free registration for the Organic Seed Alliance’s new two-part webinar series is now open!

Spring 2018 Featured Flower Seeds

Home, Garden and Homestead News

Get your hands on these flower seeds and make your garden pop this spring.