Winter Mulching in Cold Climate Gardens

| 11/25/2017 10:37:00 PM

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Mulching acts as an insulation to protect your plants from the freezing-thawing-freezing-thawing cycle which may damage roots. Mulching protect plants from winter. It keeps roots warmer much longer.

What Makes a Good Winter Mulch?

The best mulches you can apply on your garden for winter should have these qualities:

Coarse in texture
Provide insulation
Allows adequate water and air to flow

Winter mulching in cold climate garden is best applied after the first hard frost. This is when the temperature is below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some rules of thumb on how to apply mulch:

• 1-2 inches away from plants.
• 6-12 inches away from tree's base.
• 3-4 inches away from shrub's base.
• 3-6 inch layers for coarse- textured mulch (straw, wood chips)
• 2-4 inch layers for fine-textured mulch (compost, shredded leaves)

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