Winter Gardening Tips for Better Soil and Harvests

Learn how to improve garden soil, encourage beneficial insects and wildlife, and enjoy a year-round garden harvest by using these expert winter gardening tips and planting the best crops for a cold-weather harvest.

| October/November 2007

Winter gardening tips, including six top crops for winter harvests, plus how to build better soil and get ready for spring.

Winter Gardening Tips

What are you growing in your garden this winter? This is not a trick question. When you work an organic food garden in ways that bring out the best in your site, your soil and your plants, winter is an interesting and useful stretch of time. In most regions, you can enjoy spinach, Brussels sprouts, sunchokes, kale, carrots, parsnips and other cold-hardy crops all through the winter.

To help you brush up on your cold-season gardening skills, let’s tick through the simplest, most sustainable ways to address the three main winter gardening tasks:

growing cold-hardy edibles

using compost, cover crops and mulch to radically improve soil quality

enhancing habitats for hard-working beneficial insects and wildlife

9/27/2007 7:07:39 PM

Awesome ideas! Good thought on the cheap dog food, though I worry about attracting pests like raccoons. My problem with sheet mulch or partially broken down leaves is that in my dry climate, they don't break down very fast. Guess I need to stick with cover crops. :)

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