Fall and Winter Gardening in Pots

| 11/7/2013 3:41:00 PM

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When you have a small yard, pots are a great way to extend your garden and harvest.  You read that you canContainer Garden Collard Greens grow anything in pots. And you can. So, how do you decide what is best to plant in the ground and what is best for your pots?

Deciding what to grow can be exhilarating and overwhelming.  The varieties are endless, the options infinite. Where do you begin when you are deciding what to grow for the first time or for the tenth time?

First, grow what you love to eat! Make a list of your favorite veggies. The caution for a new gardener, start small. From your list of favs, pick your top 5-7 to start with.

So, if I were to share the easiest to get started with, what would I grow my first fall and winter season?  I would start with plants and grow lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, collards, mustard greens, Swiss chard.  If I loved beets, carrots, radishes, peas and turnips, I would plant these as seeds.  If I liked to cook with onions and use chives, I would get Egyptian walking onions because they are perennials and can be harvested year-round and love their home in a pot.

Hmmm.  I said 5-7 varieties, didn’t I?  I just counted and I did pick 7 plants, but then threw in seeds for beets, carrots, peas and an onion. See how hard it is to keep it manageable?

If you are just starting out and have limited space, look for descriptions like “patio”, “compact”, “great for pots”, “container”, etc.  Here are some recommendations for your garden:

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