What Did You Do With Your Garden Over the Winter?

| 1/27/2010 9:17:52 AM

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What's your winter garden m.o.? Did you plant cover crops? If so, which ones? Did you cover grass with cardboard to prepare new beds? Share your tips and tricks with our readers in the comments section below.

3/19/2010 10:47:48 AM

Garlic, onions, scallions, leeks; several varieties of lettuce; leeks; spinach; cabbage; mustard greens; carrots.

Angela Harris_2
2/10/2010 10:09:39 AM

I planted a winter crop of greens,here in the south part of good ole George,. we can grow three to four crops a year.i do most of it all by my self,we use our chicken and rabbit droppings along with home made compost.everything works out real good untill we get too much of the liquid sunshine.but is still a good thing .ANGELA

2/3/2010 11:19:10 AM

First thing I had to do was remove the "bane of my existence", I had a Black Walnut tree in the garden, and it was reeking havoc on my crop rotation! Hated to do it, but got it cut down, as well as some other crazy tree that was sucking up all of my irrigation. Looking forward to getting things started! Going to build a shed, and attach a greenhouse to it as well! Check out the blog (little behind, but getting ready to get started again!) vegetableherder.blogspot.com

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