Gardeners Treasure Winter Garden Seed Catalogs

Lindsey Webb reminisces about garden's past and the promise of winter garden seed catalogs arrival.

| December 2001/January 2002

The author talks about the promise of winter garden seed catalogs.

Winter garden seed catalogs aren't just an order sheet, they're a connection to fond memories of gardens before.

The Wyoming wind has been scouring us for three days. The temperature is dropping and enormous granite-boulder clouds are building up behind the mountain. It's going to snow. It's going to snow a lot. But here I am, snuggled in with a favorite, well-worn quilt and a mug of chamomile tea. Inside, all toasty warm, and reading.

Not a gripping whodunit nor a deep philosophical tome. No Gothic bodice-ripper; no glossy, coffee-table photography. Not even the latest from Oprah's Book Club.

I am engrossed in printed matter that offers a warm, green-and-gold ray of hope on a cold, blustery, inhospitable day. I am reading a seed catalog.

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