A Fun New Way to Decide Which Tomatoes to Grow

| 12/19/2014 9:35:00 AM

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Tomato Chooser appThe best tools are those that provide straightforward solutions to complex queries. In the homesteading and gardening world, a common conundrum may be deciding which crop varieties to grow, especially when considering a crop — such as tomatoes — that’s available in hundreds of diverse varieties.

Variety selection, after all, can be about so many factors. Be it taste, appearance, adaptability to one’s climate, disease resistance, or when a variety will mature, all kinds of traits play into what will be the best choices for your garden or farm.

We are beyond thrilled to announce the release of a snazzy new tool that brings clarity — and a whole lot of fun! — to the process of narrowing down which tomatoes to grow. Our new Tomato Chooser app profiles 333 tomato varieties, and, even better, allows you to sort and filter all of these varieties by exactly the characteristics you’re looking for. Within the app, you can filter by any (or all) of these traits:

• Open-pollinated vs. hybrid
• Growth habit (determinate, semi-determinate or indeterminate)
• Color
• Size
• Disease resistances
• Good for hot or cold climates
• Yield
• Days to maturity (early, main season or late)
• Best storage methods (canning, drying, etc.)

Finally, you can even filter by which varieties have been rated as having exceptional flavor by one of our tomato experts. We drew on five experts — Amy Goldman, Carolyn Male, Craig LeHoullier, William Woys Weaver and Gary Ibsen — and the books they’ve written about tomatoes to gather our flavor ratings, along with several descriptive quotes about many of the varieties.

While the app’s ability to filter the tomato varieties is ultra-cool and useful, you can use the app in other ways, too. If you simply want to browse the descriptions and color photos — and have a blast discovering new varieties you’ve never heard of, from heirloom gems to modern releases — you can view all 333 tomato profiles in an alphabetical list.

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12/19/2014 5:55:46 PM

What about those of us that don't have a smart phone. I thought MEN was supposed to be about simple living, not having the latest gadget.

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