Gifts for a Beekeeper

| 12/6/2011 11:39:12 AM

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It is that time of year again and what a fabulous time of year it is, with flowers blooming and the hives waking up from winter. It reminded me that I've often thought of good gifts that you could buy a beekeeper. Having looked around, there seems so many different ideas that I felt I had to write a small blog about it. All beekeepers need new books, so I have picked four books (two of which I believe would be great for the aspiring beekeeper).

Bee Books

The Haynes Bee Manual 

by Claire Waring

I am currently reading this book and I have to say it is a fantastic introduction to beekeeping with some great pictures and is very easy to follow. I only wish this was around when I was learning as it is a far better introduction to new beekeepers than most.

You can buy it here

Beekeeping: A Novice’s Guide 

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