Collect Weed-Free Decomposing Vegetation for the Garden

Visit local swamps and bogs to collect weed-free decomposing vegetation for the garden, this material is free and a natural additive you can use for your soil.

| April/May 2000

Need weed-free potting soil or garden additives? Visit a nearby swamp or bog to collect weed-free decomposing vegetation for the garden. 

Whenever I go fishing or find myself around swamp or bog, I take along a five-gallon spackling pail — the kind with a tight-fitting lid. I look for black, watery muck with lots of decomposing vegetation, such as sphagnum moss. Using my hands, I scoop the stuff into my pail, take it home and pour it into a container prepared with drain holes. Once the water has drained away, you have prime potting soil or garden additive — with no weed seeds! Developers may be filling in America's wetlands, but I'm doing my very best to dig them back out.

Frederic Otten
Surf City, NJ
(Country Lore, November 1991)

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