Watch #1 Organic Gardening Documentary for Free

| 5/31/2018 9:19:00 AM

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We invite you to watch Back to Eden, the number 1 organic gardening documentary that will teach you how to grow vegetables and grow fruits with less labor, reduced watering, while dramatically increasing your garden’s productivity.

Paul Gautschi, founder of Back to Eden Gardening, has popularized the use of wood-chip mulch in vegetable gardens and orchards. Discover the organic gardening movement that has made millions of people worldwide love organic gardening by watching the film, streaming for free on MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

We have partnered with Back to Eden, and the Producers of this film are allowing a full and FREE viewing. As an added bonus, you can learn more and purchase the film on DVD by CLICKING HERE.

Dana & Sarah Films is a documentary film production company based in California. Founders, Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz, are the Producers and Directors of several award-winning documentaries that empower people to live more sustainable and healthy lives.

6/2/2018 10:25:33 AM

This is mind blowing information! I live in the NE mountains of New Mexico. The soils are either heavy clay, very sandy, and clay/sand combination. Being from Ohio, I remember throwing a seed on the ground and it grew!! Not here!! I have chickens & horses, and this video has given me guidance as to how to utilize the manure to improve my garden. I gave up planting in the ground after so many yrs of failure, and now I'm growing in my small greenhouse using commercial organic soil and mulch. I plant heirloom and organic seeds. Bottom line, this video is SOOO helpful!! Thank you Paul.

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